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♥Tuesday, March 23, 2010 ' 4:50 PM
Awesome. ♥



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♥Monday, August 10, 2009 ' 9:22 PM
Awesome. ♥

Been trying so hard, so very hard to force myself to use wordpress. But then I didn't want to. But now. I have. So people its official. I have moved to WORDPRESS. Link me alrights. =)

Oh and people, feel free to tag me here at this blog as my new blog has no tagboard and I have no idea how to pull string there. I need a bit getting used to. LOL.


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♥ ' 7:22 PM
Awesome. ♥

Things have definitely not been easy with blogger. I am not being able to upload pictures and its driving me insane. I'm thinking of reverting to wordpress, but its not an easy task because I have to update my link referral, my nuffnang and alot of other things, but from what I know, its definitely going to be worth it. Haha. Update soon. Many things to say =)


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♥Sunday, August 09, 2009 ' 8:52 PM
Awesome. ♥

List of English Movies Watched in 2009 :
The Proposal 18/8/2009
Harry Potter & The Half - Blood Prince 17/7/2009
Red Eye 28/6/2009
Imagine That 25/6/2009
Transformers 24/6/2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 24/6/2009
Ace Ventura Jr : Pet Detective 18/6/1992
Legally Blondes 17/6/1992
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 16/6/2009
Night at the Museum 7/6/2009
17 Again 16/5/2009
Confessions of a Shopaholic 24/3/2009
The Other End of the Line 23/3/2009
Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts 23/3/2009
Van Helsing 10/3/2009
Bride Wars 20/2/2009
Slumdog Millionare

The Haunted Mansion 31/1/2009
She's the Man 4/1/2009

List of Tamil Movies Watched in 2009:

Yavarum Nalam 16/5/2009
Rajathi Raja 5/4/2009
Ellam Avan Seiyal 14/3/2009
Avai Shanmughi 1/3/2009
Ragasiya Snegithanae 7/1/2009
A Aa E Ee 5/1/2009
Abhiyum Naanum 3/1/2009
Thiruvanamalai 31/1/2009
Silambattam 25/1/2009

Saroja 3/1/2009
Dhaam Dhoom 1/1/2009
Subramaniapuram 1/1/2009

List of Other Movies Watched in 2009:
Jab We Met 3/7/2009
Partner 1/7/2009
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam 30/6/2009
Murder 29/6/2009
Hadh Kar Di Aapne 29/6/2009
Raju Chacha 19/6/2009
Jawani Diwani 18/6/2009
Shock 18/6/2009
Kuch Naa Kaho 15/6/2009
Raqeeb 6/6/2009
Shabd 6/6/2009
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna 5/6/2009
Mujshe Dosti Karoge 14/4/2009
Yaadein 14/4/2009
Handsome Suit 10/4/2009
Bommarillu 9/4/2009
Race 8/4/2009
The President is Coming
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 30/3/2009
U Me Aur Hum 29/3/2009
Shukriya 28/3/2009
Awaarapan 26/3/2009
Gansgster 21/3/2009
Mera Pind 20/3/2009
Cyborg She 19/3/2009
Sye 20/2/2009
Satya in Love

List of Books read on 2009:
Date by Jeanine Le Ny
Totally Fabulous by Michelle Radford
24/7/2009 - 30/7/2009
Til Death Do Us Part by Kate White
25/3/2009 - 26/3/2009
A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

13/2/2009 - 18/2/2009
Fallen Angel by Kevin Lewis
12/2/2009 - 12/2/2009
The father heart of God by Floyd McClung, JR
5/1/2009 - 7/1/2009

Just thought that it would be great to keep track of what I'm into.


Hello Veni!!
How are you doing girl?? :D Gosh, I don't know what happened with our contact :( But to make you feel better, I'm sending your letter today :D Yay!! Finally! After I write this comment, I'm getting dressed and heading out to the post office ;D
What's new with you? How was the wedding you were to excited about? :D ^^
Hope you're doing well! Tons of love and hugs!!

By Anonymous Melody, @ 10:50 PM  

Villu is one of the worst movie i have ever seen. Wht do you think?

By Anonymous Hari, @ 1:46 AM  

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com

By Anonymous Anonymous, @ 9:00 AM  

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♥Saturday, August 08, 2009 ' 12:11 PM
Awesome. ♥

So what's happening with my life you ask? I have tons to say... But blogger is being a bitch. LOL. So tons of words, but bear with me please. I could have forgotten many things but we'll give it a shot. Monday... A new beginning, a day filled with possibilities. I don't remember much about that day, but I can say I must have had tons of fun. I do remember that I had to walk to Bishan park with Salina again to finish up the final scenes. Remember the "Cyber Wellness" thing I was helping her friend with? Well yeah, we got there early to find that Ting Jun already there having her lunch. Well soon after that, Hui Min, Boy aka Farhana and Hui Min's friend, I forgot her name. LOL. Well we waited for Aidilah, Shaqirah & Ram to come. And they soon did and we started working on our scenes. Well we worked on them till it was about 9pm. Thank God we managed to pull through. But I tell you, we had an awesome time in between. Especially playing the swing and there was this dish kinda thing. Haha. Oh and on Monday, I was asked to lead worship for PDA on Wednesday! Gosh I was like "OMG", not again! I have been running away from it for like ever! And I got caught. I finally decided to take up that challenge and well yeah I had to rush back and quickly decide on the songs. I was told I'd be working with Daniel! Well I like Daniel alot! We worked on the beach brawl outing together and he was the guitarist. I was excited and nervous.

Tuesday was cool. A little. LOL. I had practice with Daniel and Philip for the songs I selected. Woah and it was scary. At some moment, I started singing in my usual talking voice and it was so funny. Philip kinda like made his voice high pitched, like a girl and it helped me alot because my singing voice came out. Haha. I was laughing inside and controlling. LOL. The surrounding was super tense. I really appreciate how Daniel and Philip were really supportive anf all. Then I had lunch at south canteen. Amazing food. Haha. Then yeah, the day went by as normal. I got back my differentiation test paper, I passed, I could have gotten full marks if it wasn't for the silly, careless mistakes. LOL. Lessons finished at 5, instead of 6 as we didn't have out EIT lecture. So I went up to the library to practice my songs. And there was Ivin. LOL. Apparently he was seated in the quiet room, not the discussion room, where I couldn't find any place so I went to the quiet room and bumped into him. So anyway, there he was and it was really funny. He just got a new bible that day and he was flipping through them and you should have seen how much difficulty it was. The room was terribly quiet that you can hear pages flipping. And Ivin's bible pages were so crips and noisy. He made very funny facial expressions when going through them. Haha. After that went to church. Well we got back our Jonah papers. LOL. Pastor gave us a homework once asking to write about the book of Jonah. I got 16/20. Haha. Nice ah?! Anyway pastor added the marks wrongly. He gave me 12, but when I added it was 16. I must go and find him on Sunday. LOL. Got back home and tried doing my project to no avail. Haha, I was too tired.

Wednesday! Super nerve wrecking day. The day came. It was that very Wednesday where I had to lead worship. LOL. I was so freeked out that I could not concentrate on anything. I broke my headband and my hair was in a terrible mess. But Salina saved me. LOL. She came up with this whole new hair style and it looked pretty ok! Even Alvin said so. "It's nice, really, its nice", he said in his very serious voice. LOL. And I took his word for it. I'll upload the pictures when blogger is up. Well thank god my mood was up. I was nervous. Super nervous. Arghh! Ivin kind of shared a word with me, philip and daniel and started talking about giving thanks to God. We prayed, gave thanks to God for things that happened, and when it was my turn, I kinda teared up and chocked my words up a bit. Somethings striked me. And then I and Daniel started practising again. Um, and I kinda lost my singing voice and you should have seen Daniel, how he tried to help me. He went high pitched too. Haha. These guys are really awesome. The 2 guys knew how nervous I was and all and kept trying to encourage me. Mylene came a while later and she realised and wanted to pray for me. When she finished, she told me she knew how nervous I was because you see she was holding my hands and she felt my heart beat super fast. LOL. This experience, leading worship at PDA is nothing comapared to the one during youth fellowship on saturday or backup singing on sundays. Definitely this was far worse. But what the hell, I decided that God's name had to be exalted and he'd help me. I started off well I guess. Daniel was backing me up and well even though it was a small crowd, I didn't focus on them. I was on my own and I liked that feeling. Haha. After PDA, Mylene gave me feedback. She said I should maybe just talk about why I chose thes songs and what God spoke to me when I was choosing them and apart from that, she loved everything else. LOL. I love her much! Daniel and Philip said I did great and Philip was like "there are more opportunites coming soon", and I thought in my heart, "I can't wait". LOL. Even as I left, Elisha and his friend were congragulating me. Haha. Man I was relieved that it was all over.

Thursday, started off with French. You know how much I love french. Haha. Well my french written quiz was a bummer. Grr. I always get a B for french, should consider another elective next term. Hmm. Well anyway I was feeling super sleepy. But anyway after french, had lunch, and went on to the last lesson. Chionged project. After that me and my group members along with Jun Wei's group stayed back at MacD to finish up our project. Safi was really helpful I must admit. That was when Salina said something about don't judge a botak by his brain or something and I changed it to don't judge a brain by its baldness. LOL. Though it was last minute, I'm glad Safi managed to pull through and I definitely learned so much. Well we left like 9plus, I think we would have sat there forever if they didn't switch off the lights. Reached home around 10 and slacked online. And finished up my project. Yayness =) Somehow that night I had a really peaceful sleep. LOL. I slept like a baby, my mum commented. Haha.

Friday, project submission. Haha. Went in for PE tutorial and after having lunch, had PE practical. Apparently at that point, NYP's connection went down. Atleast in the school of IT if I'm not wrong. No one could access the computers. Lucky for me, I had my laptop and my vodafone. Haha. Well Ms.Fua, our mother, LOL, apparently decided that we should do it at our own time and she allowed us to finish up our project and she went off. Indeed it was half day for us. LOL. I could have stayed back, but granny forgot here keys so I had to rush back. LOL. From what I heard my group submitted the work a bit later I guess.

And today I was supposed to go over to my 1st brother's place. My sister-in-law badly wanted to see the Davinci Exhibition at the Science Center. And I badly wanted to see my nephew Veeraj! Grr. Apparenly, her relative is hospitalized. I may never be free again. I'm missing my nephew like mad and crazy! I could only see him before my eyes yesterday when me, Salina, Shou Xian & Jansen were watching a few videos of kids on youtube. I miss my adorable nephew. It's been like over 5months since I saw him. I want to cuddle him. Haha. Well many pictures to upload, will do so soon. Going to slack again. Seeya people.


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By Blogger Talena, @ 10:17 PM  

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